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ivytide is an indie pop band from montreal, canada. founding members, nathan gagné (vocals, guitar), jamie snytte (guitar) and kyle ruggiero (bass) met at a recording studio, where they started to develop a chemistry in their songwriting.  a mutual love for lo-fi indie music led to the production of bedroom pop songs with intricate, but catchy melodies, which float on top of well thought-out instrumentation.

latest release.

about the newest release.

ivytide’s “flood lines” captures a feeling of newfound innocence after the ending of a recent relationship.

Upon reflecting on the past, the protagonist appears conflicted between missing the person and feeling free from them.

The song delves into the cryptic nature of the relationship, and displays how, together, both characters changed after breaking things off, but separately at their core they stayed the same.


This latest addition “flood lines” is the fourth single off of Ivytide’s upcoming debut album, building the momentum for their big release in Fall of 2023.

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